Artist Kermit McCourt

Showing 10/11/12 – January 2013.

Everyone could use some Kermit McCourt on their wall. We say that not only because we love his work, but also because he’s an artist with organic purpose: to create art from reclaimed items. While most gallery hangtags define artistic medium with descriptors such ‘acrylic on canvas’, Kermit’s hangtags reflect his ideology with simple descriptors such as ‘house paint’. If we were to embellish on this, we might add “a collage of repurposed, time worn metal”, or “scrap pile treasures”, because as an artist, Kermit has a gift of turning abandoned materials into aesthetically relevant art. And we know we’re not the only ones who appreciate his aesthetic; because the last time he showed at The Club Car he sold more works from our walls than has ever been sold here collectively.


Kermit’s philosophy is based on the up cycling of used goods: that the earth has given enough to people, and that it’s time to give back to the earth. Another philosophy of his is that original art should be attainable by the average joe; and he backs up this belief by pricing his work with surprising affordability. So, not only could everyone use some Kermit McCourt on their wall, they can likely afford it too.


The works presently showing at Club Car are big, bold, and interesting – and are all wall art, including several musically inspired pieces and some edgy figure paintings. In addition, Kermit also creates furniture and sculpture, which can be seen firsthand at the High Hand Gallery in Loomis.

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