Cioppino is a classic seafood stew with a spicy garlic-tomato broth.

Cioppino is a thick and spicy garlic-tomato seafood stew, that is rumored to have been created in San Francisco, and therefore is popular on the Northern California Coast. Club Car chef Marcello Nolivo, an Italian native, says that although ‘Cioppino’ is a San Francisco classic, fisherman up and down the coasts of Italy have been making fish stew, “Zuppa di Pesce”, for centuries. The story goes, both in San Francisco and Italy, that at the end of the day, fishermen would chip in some of their catch to create the stew for all to share. One fact is indisputable: Cioppino is one of the best creations to happen to seafood! You just can’t duplicate the mixing and simmering of clams, mussels, shrimp, crab, white fish, calamari, and scallops (Club Car’s version) – that melds into a robust flavor of fresh seafood and zesty broth. Cioppino is a frequent special at Club Car. Call ahead to see when we are serving it!

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