They’re young. They’re talented. They’ve studied music. They teach music. They’re LOVE ROYALE.

Love Royale is a dynamic singer/songwriter team that writes pop/rock music that has been compared to artists like Adele, Fiona Apple, A Perfect Circle, Sara Barellies, and the Beatles. The team makes use of Megan Wollenberg’s jazzy voice over the compositions of classically trained David Albertson. The show features energetic performances of this original music as well as covers from the artists listed above.

Megan Wollenberg and David Albertson are both songwriters as well as music teachers at Imagine Music Instruction (  David teaches guita, bass, violin, ukulele and more.  David  has a B.A. in Music from Sacramento State University and performs with groups like PointDexter and Humble Wolf. Megan Wollenberg is from Meadow Vista and has earned recognition in the area by winning Gold in the Auburn Fair Band Competition as well as an Ely for her performance as Madame Tenardie in Les Miserables.  Megan is also a Registered Dietician.

Together the pair infuse their influences of pop, jazz, and rock music into a broad emotive music characterized by the many themes of love. Their first EP was mixed/mastered/produced by Sean Stack (of Wrings/Formerly of K Sera) at Fat Cat Studios.

As performers they host an Open Mic at Shady Coffee and Tea and perform with accompaniment regularly in the Sacramento area. Love Royale’s performances showcase their talent with interesting uses of instruments, their abilities to improvise, and arrange familiar songs in their unique way.

They are currently being featured in local magazine Koolfire and performing. They also are completing a full length album for sale early 2013.

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