Greyhound – shmeyhound: mixologist Alison Crouson gives an old standard a winning makeover.


Mixologist: Alison Crouson

You know she’s a pro when upon taste testing a concoction she comments, “You know what this needs? A little spiced-orange-tea infused simple syrup.” And, she just happens to have some on hand, homemade of course. As it turns out, artisan mixologist Alison Crouson is spot on once again, combining a trifecta of flavors that give a faded classic a glorious new appeal. From ‘Greyhound’ to ‘Gloryhound’, here’s how it’s done:

Building from what’s in season, Alison chose the ruby red grapefruit, and expanded the ingredients from there. With the classic greyhound being simply vodka and grapefruit juice, Alison lends some balance and complexity to the drink by adding Cointreau (a liqueur made from both bitter and sweet orange peels), orange bitters (a cocktail flavoring made from the peels of Seville oranges, cardamon, caraway seed, coriander and burnt sugar), and her own homemade Spiced Tea Simple Syrup (she used her favorite, Constant Comment:flavored with orange and sweet spice). The flavors meld harmoniously, with subtle spice notes that complement the citrus, and a mild sweetness that balances the tart acidity of the grapefruit. This drink can be served over ice, or up – martini style. Either way, mix ingredients in a mixing cup with ice, then strain and serve to your liking. Cheers!


2 oz vodka

2oz ruby red grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed if possible)

1/2 oz cointreau

4 dashes of orange bitters

1 oz of spiced orange tea simple syrup (recipe below)


Tea Simple syrup

4 tea bags
1 cup water
1 cup sugar

Bring water to steeping temperature (varies by tea), steep for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove tea bags, return pan back to stove and bring to boil. Add the sugar, reduce heat and stir until dissolved and reduced by half…or close to (about 10 minutes).