And just what is Progressive Jam Jazz? It’s a chill yet invigorating journey into some adventurous dance grooves and dirty funk – the perfect complement for post “Festival of Lights” reverie. Stop in to Club Car after the parade to catch some innovative musical stylings by Sacramento’s The Bumptet.

With nods to the funky, the quirky, the downright dirty and the too-beautiful-for-words, The Bumptet takes listeners on a spirited and lively journey. One presented by musicians that have honed their craft into a timeless and boundary-busting sound that appeals to many music lovers. Fans of jazz fusion bands like Weather Report, Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters or MMW & John Scofield, will bounce their heads alongside of “jam band” fans. These guys may be playing “jazz” but they all came up rocking sweaty late-night jams and passing out show fliers on Phish tour.

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