“With subtle but powerful lyrics touching on issues at hand in the world today,  this woman is full of fire and insight. Her positive energy, catchy melodies, and the one-of-a-kind sound  will leave a strong impression on your mind and a soft place in your heart -” 

Ana Gilmour returns to perform at Club Car: Thursday, May 9th 8:00 pm, then Saturday May 11, 8:30 pm, Justin Ancheta Band to follow @ 9:30 pm

As the story goes, Ana Gilmour grew up the daughter of John and Deanna Gilmour, the well-loved owners of a local music store in the quaint Midwestern town of Appleton, Wisconsin. Childhood evenings and weekends found Ana playing instruments at the store, or tagging along to her dad’s gigs, insisting on carrying the guitars back to the car at the end of the night.

In her late teens, as an avid and talented equestrian handler, Ana followed her dreams to Southern California and accepted a training position with an internationally renowned Olympic Dressage Trainer. In her early twenties, Ana’s equestrian career brought her north to work at a beautiful horse farm in Auburn. This is about the time when Ana Gilmour and The Club Car crossed paths.

Outside the front door, under The Club Car sign, during one of the very first open mic nights back in 2003, Ana randomly met a Texan-born musician who would change the course of her life when he offered to make a trade: her cowboy hat for an old Washburn Parlor guitar. It became the first guitar of many she would own.

 I remember the zeal with which she plunged right into learning the guitar and turning out songs.

Ana Gilmour on the original Club Car stage, circa 2004.

It seemed like one day she’d acquired the guitar on a serendipitous impulse, and the next day, she was bouncing into The Club Car with a string of followers in tow, giving impromptu performances, working out her latest riffs, lyrics, and composition in front of a growing crowd of eager listeners.

But, such happenings seem to be par for the course for Ana, who is still one of those people who lets life know she’s arrived – on a daily basis. Though Ana stayed in Auburn for a number of years training horses by day and lighting up local stages by night, (even hosting our own Songwriters’ Showcase for a time), – the world was calling, and Ana’s wanderlust kicked in. Luckily for us, that coincided with the emergence of social media, so we were afforded a front row view as we followed Ana on her journeys around the globe to places such as Spain, Italy, Israel, Jordan, and even China.

Ana Gilmour, in China, drawing a crowd before beginning to play.

Ana spent a collection of years exploring abroad, sometimes making a living by means of a song and an open guitar case on a crowded street; at other times by accepting positions as a Dressage horse trainer, with a resume that boasts employment by Olympians from four different continents, including The Royal Family of Jordan and the largest, most prestigious Equestrian training school in all of China.
Needless to say, Ana’s rich experiences have found their way into her music, which strongly reflects her love for the human spirit. As an artist she offers subtle but powerful lyrics that touch on world issues. The combination of her positive message, infectious melodies, beaming spirit, and the one and only voice of Ana Gilmour – create her magic as a performer.
It’s wonderful that The Club Car has been a gathering place for so many musicians over the years, and when they return after having

A picture from inside the coliseum in China, from Ana Gilmour’s work there in 2011.

gone out into the world and grown so much, it’s especially meaningful (and sentimental…*sniff sniff*) to welcome them back, especially in the case of Ana Gilmour. Having returned to Placer County and started her business, DressageNow.com, Ana’s career as a professional equestrian is well established, but I have a feeling that the music still runs thick through her veins.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome her back to The Club Car stage TWICE this week – first as a special guest at our Thursday evening Songwriters’ Showcase – our actual 10 Year Anniversary, and then on Saturday evening as the first act for our Official 10th Anniversary Celebration, with The Justin Ancheta Band.



DressageNow.com by Ana Gilmour



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